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Peninsula Mixtape
by Luke Overin
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Published by Fanfare
Limited to 100 copies
The ‘Peninsula’ mixtape compiled by Luke Overin is an accompaniment to the book Lizard Point ‘99.  The book features photographs and an interview documenting Jerry O'Driscoll's hedonistic road trip from the Kent Coast to Lizard Point in Cornwall to view the Total Solar Eclipse event of 1999.
This cassette contains old and new British electronic and experimental music and the majority of tracks have a specific relation to a region or place within the UK. Each side of the mixtape has an original field recording on it; these are unearthed, long lost accounts of the 1999 total solar eclipse, as narrated by the British general public.


Undercurrents in international publishing, est. 2011 (London, UK)

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Distributed in the US by Citizen Editions
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