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VERK - by Íris Erlings - £10
Lizard Point '99 - by Jerry O'Driscoll & Luke Overin - £20
Peninsula Mixtape - by Luke Overin - £10
Deep Dive - by Ja Bæblade - £420
Greatest Hits - by Spaghetti Club - Sold Out
AESTHETIX Edition - by Tyrone Williams - £30
AESTHETIX - by Tyrone Williams - Sold Out
Memory Card - by Sam Bailey - £12
Acts of Natural Magik - by Todd Snap - £15
SEGAMEISTER - by Ja Bæblade - £35
Relatives - by Antoine Orand - £8
Verk Edition - by Íris Erlings - £20
Forever - by Luke Overin - £30
Heritage - by Luke Overin - Sold Out
Car Park Shopper - by Luke Overin - Sold Out
Poisonous Berries - by Sasha Kurmaz - £8
Dark Sand - by Alain Vonck - Sold Out
Spectrum Test - by Panayiotis Terzis - Sold Out
MANIC SHOOTER - by Peuple Caché - Sold Out
Really Busy - by Holly Rae Jones - Sold Out
WUBU2 - by Ja Bæblade - Sold Out
Jugs & Mugs - by Michael Swaney - Sold Out
Light Levels - by Antonia Pinter - Sold Out
Elsewhere - by Albert Elm - Sold Out
Drawing Now - by Nikholis Planck - Sold Out
Hello, My Name is Mark Rothko - by Thomas Murphy - Sold Out
Love is in the Flowers - by Em Rooney - Sold Out
Fruit Salad - by Various Artists - Sold Out
RnB Edits - by Josh Baines - Sold Out
Open Sea - by Antoine Orand - Sold Out
Sculptures - by Linus Bill & Adrien Horni - Sold Out
War News - by Cali & Jenna Thornhill DeWitt - Sold Out
One Sixty Seven - by Tine Bek, Albert Elm, Nick Lynch, Cecilie Rasmussen - Sold Out


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VERK - by Íris Erlings - £10
A body of work from Íris Erlings made in 2019. Verk is an Icelandic word with triple meaning; the act of work, the creation from working and composition.
These ten meticulously detailed drawings stem from digital collages from a plethora of natural and classical elements.
Lizard Point '99 - by Jerry O'Driscoll & Luke Overin - £20
A road trip to the heart of pre-millennial, communal fervour; Lizard Point '99 is a textual and photographic exploration of a young man's last few days of being wild. 
By a chance inter-generational encounter, Jerry O'Driscoll's documentary photography of the Total Solar Eclipse event has been un-earthed and curated by Luke Overin - amounting to a glorious, monochromatic ode to illegal raves, fuggy campervans, and a very English kind of communal identity.
Whilst the photographs in the book recount a specific and special time in O’Driscoll’s life, the supporting interview is forward thinking in its messaging and presents a rallying cry to a fragmentary society tip-toeing cautiously towards a post-pandemic future.